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Saw this on Facebook and I had to comment. I have some knowledge about basic biblical theology and I had some things to say. First off someone who has actually studied the Bible can easily dismiss every mention of the Old Testament Laws as they were part of the Old Covenant between God and his people. The reason we can dismiss it so easily is because Jesus created the New Covenant with his death on the cross, freeing his people from the legality that had formed around the Old Covenant. So to sum this point up the Church as we know it today follows the New Covenant not the Old Covenant, the one he tries to make his arguments from.

The second thing I had to say is that the original poster is wrong about divorce in the Church. There are two instances where God will allow for a divorce. The first involves sexual immorality in the marriage, a.k.a. one of them cheats, or one of the spouses stops believing in God. That’s it. The passage in Mark is talking about how God views marriage.

Rant over.

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